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Risk Engineering Guides

Metalworking Operations

Every process involved in metal working operations presents potential hazards. The most serious and best documented is that of fire or explosion

Metalworking operations may sound innocuous, but every process involved, such as quenching, dipping, or plasma cutting, presents potential hazards. But of all the many and various hazards, the most serious and best documented is that of fire or explosion. 

Potential fire hazards in metalworking facilities include the ignition of metal chips or accumulated oil deposits on or around machinery, and the use of combustible, pressurised hydraulic oils or other fluids. Ignition sources range from hot surfaces to welding operations and smoking materials to electrial arcing.

Liberty's risk engineers have prepared a Metalworking operations guide to help owners and management of metalworking businesses understand the risks and put in place practical measures to reduce their exposures.

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